Programs & Curriculum

Registration for the 2023-2024 school year opens January 6th, 2023
Registration for Summer 2023 programs opens March 2023

2022-2023 School Year
Program Fees


2 Days- Tuesday + Thursday

Morning 9am-1145am : $375/mo

Afternoon  12:15pm-3pm: $350/mo

All Day 9am-3pm: $590/mo


3 Days- Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Morning 9am-1145am : $455/mo

Afternoon  12:15pm-3pm: $430/mo

All Day 9am-3pm: $720/mo


5 Days- Monday to Friday

Morning 9am-1145am : $605/mo

Afternoon  12:15pm-3pm: $580/mo

All Day 9am-3pm: $1200/mo


Upon acceptance to our program, a non-refundable deposit of 10% of tuition fee is due + $325 Program Materials Fee.

For additional information on fees and our terms of service, please check out our FAQs  or get in contact with your questions.



The preschool classroom is for 2 ½ -4-year old’s. Our preschool curriculum is largely built on fostering an environment where each child feels safe and loved and is eager to come to school each day. 

I know that I am often the first stop on a child’s academic journey, and I want each of our students to start off on the right foot. 

While we are a play-based school we as teachers work diligently to make sure that each learning center is full of learning opportunities. 




Pre-K is usually reserved for the year before students head off to kindergarten.

Our Pre-K classroom play-based curriculum will offer all the benefits of a warm loving and playful environment while also providing each student with the tools they need for kindergarten.

We work all year getting to know the alphabet, sounds, beginning phonics and even some early reading readiness skills.

Summer 2023 Program 

Details will be announced in Spring 2023

*information and details subject to change. All information will be outlined at registration.

Summer 2022 Camp Staff (L-R):
Bethany Tierney, Jami Hildebrand, Lauren Isackson